We’ve worked with Mary multiple times, with our latest project being the most extensive. We worked with a contractor to gut our master bathroom as well as redo the closet (added a closet system) and complete finish work in the bedroom. Mary helped us with the initial layout/design in the bathroom and was responsible in helping us pick all the finishes. We are thrilled with how everything turned out, and love the calm oasis that she helped us to create. One thing worth mentioning is that Mary went above and beyond the design of the project by also helping to guide us through the pitfalls of working with a contractor. Anytime you are remodelling an existing structure you are bound to run into some issues that need tweaking. We had a few issues come up that needed troubleshooting, which in all honesty our contractor failed us. Mary came to the rescue by coming up with solutions and resources to deal with these problems, which greatly improved the aesthetic of the project. Had I not had her help at the end we would not have been nearly as happy with the outcome and the project would have gone on longer than necessary. We can’t speak enough to Mary’s ability to problem solve, think outside the box and face challenges head-on with a positive attitude. Those attributes were extremely valuable in helping us get the outcome we wanted with our project! Thanks again Mary!

—Donae R., Snohomish, Washington

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