Whale, Hello there!

Our client, an Eye Doctor, wanted to create a waiting area for children that would be interactive and welcoming. We decided to enlist local artists to bring our ideas to life. The underwater scene was designed to make the children feel happy & excited about wearing their new glasses. While children are waiting to meet the Doctor, they are given a treasure hunt sheet to try to identify all the numerous sea animals and hidden surprises in the wall graphics. The activity desk was built to resemble a dock, complete with pilings!

The client was worried about the graphics being damaged by chairs (and little feet) so we installed fiberglass sheets 24″ around the perimeter of the walls to protect the graphics. A sealer was added to protect the vibrant colors.  The visiting children are enjoying their time waiting to try on their new eyeglasses.

We felt our end result was very “sofishticated”

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