Wild Reed Apartments Design Challenge: We were contacted by a Commercial Management Group because they had seen similar architectural spaces that we had remodeled. They needed to make some quick cosmetic changes to the Clubhouse on a very tight time frame & low budget. Their residence profile was traditional and they wanted to keep with that feel in the spaces.

a Little Accent Solution: In less than a month we produced Google Sketch up and AutoCad drawings for the spaces and our scope of service included choosing paint colors, carpet, selection and delivery of all furniture, selection, delivery and installation of all art & selection of tile for the Clubhouse. Due to the time constraint for installation, we orchestrated and designed a large art piece for over the fireplace. We created kiosks for the entry and a wifi business center that residents could use for work. All interior paint colors, flooring, furniture and art were chosen to fit the demographic of the future residents.







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