Mary has written numerous design articles for magazines and newspapers, including Do it Best Hardware National HOME magazine and has been featured in The Costco Connection: a lifestyle magazine for Costco members. For Your Home: Multipurpose Furniture:Form and Function. She has also won esteemed awards for her commercial remodels.

Paris, Milan, New York, Bellevue? What do these four cities have in common? All four are the home to some of the world’s most famous models. But all super models don’t have to be 6′ tall and 100 lbs. You, too, can have a ‘super’ model.

A Little Accent, a Northwest Interior Design firm, knows that the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating your model is knowing the difference between merely decorating an apartment and merchandising a model to rent. The key question to ask when decorating your model is, ‘WHO is going to be living in the unit?’. A buyer profile considering age, income and size of family needs to be established to clearly identify who your renter will be. You MUST have this vision before you can successfully rent your units. Professional Design Firms have the talent to turn four plain walls into a home that people envision themselves living in. Keep in mind, renters are looking for an emotional connection to the space and unless you evoke that feeling in them, they will keep looking.

Experienced design choices will enhance the features and minimize the faults of your model. Through the use of color and placement an experienced Interior Designer can direct the eye away from the flaws and towards the assets of a room. They know how to avoid trends and gimmicks in favor of a more classical elegance and comfort that make an apartment a home. Remember, the trendy Super Model that walks down the runway can go back stage and change her outfit, your model cannot.
So remember, the cover of Cosmopolitan is not the only place to view a ‘super’ model.

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